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We've worked hard to make the question authoring experience an enjoyable one. Change the language mode on the Question or answer fields and experience a high quality code editor.

  • Create Your Own Questions, Or:
  • Buy Our Professional Tests.
  • Use Many Different Programming Language Modes For Your Question Or Answers.
  • Real Code In Questions Means Better Assessment Of Real Skills, Not Academic Jargon And Terms.

Build up your question bank with custom questions or questions acquired through our Professional Tests. Then mix and match to create any number of tests from your bank of questions.

  • Have Unlimited Tests In Your Account.
  • See Aggregate Testing Statistics And Analytics
  • Invite Test Takers Via Sharable Link or Groups
  • Edit Settings On A Test or Invite Basis

Besides making your own tests, you can use our Professional Tests with a Subscription Plan. Professional Tests are created by hand-picked industry experts.

  • Get Updates For Free.
  • Edit Any Of The Questions You Purchase.
  • Re-use Questions You've Purchased On Your Custom Tests
  • Tests Are Created For Many Different Programming Languages, Frameworks, & Popular Coding Libraries.

One of our best analytics is the Gap Analysis report. This unique report will indicate how well a test taker did on a subject-by-subject basis of the test.

  • Gap Analysis Indicates Areas of Excellent Skill and Weak Skills On A Per-Subject Basis.
  • This Can Be Used to Gauge Training Needs.
  • Share Test Results With Colleagues.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Creating your own tests and questions is free, and you can create as many as you need. When you're ready to test someone, send them a test invite. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan only charges for the number of people who actually take your test. Monthly subscriptions are not required.

What if I don't want to make questions?

Even though authoring your own tests and questions is free, you can also use our Professional Tests we've created for you. Learn more about our Pricing and Plans.

Create Tests or Use Ours

Create your own tests or use ours. Then enable billing which can be canceled at any time.

Invite Test Takers to the Test

Create an invite-link to share with test takers or use the groups feature to create groups of test takers to invite all at once.

See Results and Analytics

Use the Gap Analysis report to see what subject areas test takers perform well or poor in.