Can I buy questions instead of making them myself?

Yes. We've created the Marketplace for just this reason. We have hand-selected industry experts for each respective test in our marketplace.

Can I ignore the Marketplace and make my own content?

Yes. has a rich authoring experience so you can make your own tests and questions.

Can I edit the questions I buy?

Yes. Not only can you edit questions, you can also make custom tests which are a mix of questions you buy from various tests and you can use your own questions too.

Will I get updates when the author edits the questions?

Yes. You will get updates but only on questions you didn't already edit yourself. We can't blend the authors updates into your edits unfortunately.

Buy Tests and then Testing Credits

Buy tests in the Marketplace only once to own them forever. Then buy as many testing credits as you need to invite test takers.

Invite Test Takers to the Test

Create an invite link to share with test takers or use the groups feature to create groups of test takers to invite all at once.

See Results and Analytics

Use the Gap Analysis report to see what subject areas test takers perform well or poor in.

Get Question Updates

When the marketplace author edits their questions and republishes them, you can get automatic updates if you wish to.

The Marketplace was just launched recently. Here is a list of tests we either currently have or we are working on releasing soon: